Development of mobile apps
Android and IOS


Development of Android Applications
Android operating system is very common on the smartphone market and other mobile devices such as tablets. Android is a good choice in terms of cost and performance when we are talking about a platform for developing mobile applications.


Development of iOS Applications.
iOS is the operating system for Iphones, iPads si iPods.Even though there is a higher cost, developing applications on IOS platform, reprezints a very good solution for the mobile requirements of partners.

Enterprise applications Detalii

We offer a range of software solutions specially created to cover the industry's needs. Many integrated applications created for different areas of business such as Financial-Banking, Leasing, Services, Distribution, Retail, Medical, Production and more.

Software development by demand
Robust applications in the shortest time

Project defintion

The client exposes his requirements
and discusses them with the Edasoft specialist.

Graphic execution.

The client and Edasoft specialist discuss the modules to be executed and deadlines for the execution.


Edafost designs and writes soft according to the graphic execution.

Project delivery

The client receives a robust project that perfectly respects his requirements and deadline.

Edasoft este o companie privata ce dezvolta soluţii software special create pentru diverse activitati.
Aplicaţii integrate pentru Producţie, Financiar-Bancar, Leasing, Servicii, Distribuţie, Retail, Medical şi altele.
Localizare Craiova,Dolj

Edasoft is a privately held software company that provides and customizes software solutions designed to manage business like Financial-Banking, Leasing, Services, Distribution, Retail, Medical, Production & more.